Helen Cafferty

Surname Variations Cafferkey, Cafferky
Age at Embarkation 37
From Townland Muingmore
Electoral Division Gleann Chaisil
Sailing Party
  1. Pat Cafferty (Age 45)
  2. Helen Cafferty (Age 37)
  3. M Cafferty (Age 15)
  4. Cath Cafferty (Age 10)
  5. Michael Cafferty (Age 7)
  6. Margaret Cafferty (Age 4)
On Ship S.S. Prussian
Sailing To Boston on 11th May 1883
Passenger No. 325
Onward Destination Grosvenor, Connecticut
Helen Cafferty came from Muingmore, Gleann Chaisil shown on the map below.
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